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Recording & Analog Mixing

Understand the terminology related to sound, the properties and characteristics of sound and how it is generated, how it travels and how it is consumed.

Analog Mixer & Recording Studio Routing: Understand Analog mixers and why they are considered the basics of all DAW’s. Learn its Signal flow, Conversion, Sample Rate & Bit Rate. Master Processing with a deep understanding of mixing, different Effects/EQ-s on analogue mixers to set the stage for your future career as an  aspiring sound engineer.

Microphones & Digital Audio: Learn about Microphones, their types, characteristics, frequency spectrum and different Mic-ing techniques. Be it a vocalist, instrumentalist or a band, you’ll know the right way to record!

Learn the essential principles of audio mixing, its techniques and process. Understand the need for Mastering, Multi-band Dynamics, Graphic Equalizers and more!


The science behind capturing sound using various microphones and recording techniques. Propagation of sound as it goes from volts to binary would be discussed in depth. Mixing different elements of a musical composition using a Hybrid Analog mixer with a DAW as a replacement to the analog tape machine.


To well equip students with the ideology and technology behind audio recording and mixing using just the analog domain.


  • Theory of Sound

  • Studio Routing

  • Analog Mixer

  • Dynamic processing

  • Time based processing

  • Microphones

  • The Recording Studio

  • Digital Audio

  • Recording Assignment

  • Mixing

Pre Requisites

Class X Physics


45 Sessions (Weekdays)

Module Fee

₹ 1,00,000/-

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