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Industry Partners & Associations

I Love Music Academy is honoured to be India’s first “Ableton India Education Partner” School. 

Ableton Germany

Ableton, a German company headquartered in Berlin, are music enablers that allow fellow musicians and creators to use its state of the art software to produce music as well as perform electronically or DJ on their flagship product, “Live”.

I Love Music Academy has been using “Ableton Live” since the inception of the academy.

Endorsed as one the first Ableton India Education Partners, supported by The Inventory, we are committed to providing quality music education on the Ableton platform, helping grow the user base in India. 

Our students continue to learn how to use this dynamic and intuitive music production software receiving special pricing on Ableton software and hardware. Additionally, students who opt for Ableton inclusive courses receive a full licensed version of the Ableton Live Suite as part of the course itself.

More information on Ableton

The Inventory.in

Distributors in India for some of the best brands in the world of music technology, “The Inventory” provides cutting edge tools for music production, sound engineering and live performance.  By strategically introducing and growing the artist community with music brands carefully curated with a vision for enrichment of the music community they are pushing the boundaries of music technology and electronic music production in India.

The Inventory have been supporters of I Love Music Academy sharing our ideology & vision for music education from the early years of the academy. They continue to enable the academy and its students with technology support, brand collaborations as well as product showcases and concessional pricing. 

More information on theInventory.in

Lennar Digital

LennarDigital creates innovative audio plug-ins with superior sound quality, a user-friendly interface, and a powerful and highly optimized core engine. We invest a lot in advanced technological research, in order to develop the highest quality oscillators, filters and sound effects which require only minimal system resources.

LennarDigital and I Love Music Academy have become education partners, enabling students of the academy to access the benefits of legal software at concessional rates! 

More information on LennarDigital

Xfer Records : Serum

Steve Duda is an American DJ, record producer, audio engineer, manager and software engineer from Menlo Park, California. He is best known for his mid-2000s collaborative electronic music projects with Canadian record producer and Performer Deadmau5 under the names “BSOD” and “WTF?” (also with DJ Aero and Tommy Lee) . 

Xfer Records releases virtual synths, Effects and Sample packs for Electronic Music Producers that also designed Xfer’s lates VST, Serum. Serum is one of the most sought after VST’s currently in the limelight.

I Love Music Academy has now partnered with Xfer Records, the makers of Serum, as strategic partners in education.

More information at Xfer Records.

UnMuTe Agency

UnMute agency is a full service entertainment company that focus on DJs and live acts who produce and play cutting-edge electronic dance music. It also serves as a regional (India/Asia) agency for international artists, and programs venues as well as festival stages. 
Unmute supports the Academy through collaborative initiatives for our students at performances and though artist workshops.

Odd Recordings

Odd Recordings is an Indo-Spanish cross-pollinized record label bringing you futuristic electronic music, with an emphasis on the raw side of techno!
Home to Arjun Vagale & Ramiro Lopez.
As India Education Partner for ODD recordings, I Love Music Academy hosts workshops of Odd Artists when touring in the region in their efforts to encourage positive growth in Techno.
More information on oddshop.in

Akai Professional

Akai Pro stands at the forefront of digital technology and remains one of the most influential manufacturers of musical equipment of the last 20 years.

In 2009, Akai Professional collaborated with Ableton on the first dedicated Ableton controller, the APC40. Now Akai has built on this original partnership to introduce a reimagined Live performance controller: the APC40 mkII.

More information on akaipro.com


Established in 1980, Alesis is committed to delivering the most innovative and inspiring professional audio gear for musicians, producers and engineers of all levels. Their passion and dedication for creating gear has empowered musicians at all skill levels and lead them to revolutionise the music industry time and time again. Currently breaking barriers by Rocking the Drumming world with their Mesh kits, Alesis is bringing “Mesh to the Masses” with unmatched playability, response and versatility combined with amazing value.

More information on alesis.com

onstage logo white

Onstage India

OnStage is one of India’s leading retail chain for musical instruments, professional music gear and related services. OnStage serves professional musicians as a  one-stop shop currently operating 18 stores across the country and growing. Not only does it make available world-class products at affordable prices but also proactively invests in the development of musical knowledge through teacher-training workshops, master classes, clinics, demonstrations, exhibitions and sponsoring of local talent and artists.

As a support partner, it enables students at the academy with special discounts as well as facilitates brands collaborative activities & product showcases with premier music brands such as Alesis and Akai Professional.

More information on onstageindia.in

Interested in an Association or Partnership? We would be happy to hear from you, write to us and send in your partnership proposal.