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Our Music Production Courses are designed to help you understand the nuances of music production and that of a music producer.
Start from the fundamentals. Achieve that professional sound your music ideas deserve.

Music Production COURSES

Select a DAW you want to train yourself in or learn it all.

The academy offers different music production courses based on the software and why the student wants to learn the skills. 

Level: Beginners

  • Music Foundation
  • DAW: Ableton Live
  • DAW: Apple Logic
  • DAW: Pro Tools
  • Professional DJ-ing
  • Audio Post Production
  • Synthesis & Sound Design
  • Acoustics & studio Construction
  • Recording & Analog Mixing

Level: Beginners

  • Music Foundation
  • DAW: Apple Logic
  • DAW: Pro Tools
  • Professional DJ-ing
  • Audio Post Production
  • Synthesis & Sound Design
  • Acoustics & studio Construction
  • Recording & Analog Mixing
Intermediate Course image

Level: Intermediate

  • Music Foundation
  • DAW: Ableton Live
  • DAW: Apple Logic
  • DAW: Pro Tools
  • Professional DJ-ing
  • Audio Post Production
  • Synthesis & Sound Design
  • Acoustics & studio Construction
  • Recording & Analog Mixing

Add on Performance Module to Music production

Level: Advanced

  • Music Foundation
  • DAW: Ableton Live
  • DAW: Apple Logic
  • DAW: Pro Tools
  • Professional DJ-ing
  • Acoustics & studio Construction
  • Synthesis & Sound Design
  • Audio Post Production
  • Recording & Analog Mixing

Add on 3 more Modules to DJ Producer

Level: Proficient

  • Music Foundation
  • DAW: Ableton Live
  • DAW: Apple Logic
  • DAW: Pro Tools
  • Professional DJ-ing
  • Acoustics & studio Construction
  • Synthesis & Sound Design
  • Audio Post Production
  • Recording & Analog Mixing

Add on Audio Engineering modules

Music production is the art, science and business of making music. This involves all aspects of creating music to ensure it is of the highest standards and is marketable. A Record producer or Music producer  is responsible for music production, in totality.

Electronic Dance Music genres allow music producers to be solo artists. Todays, music producer is a one man army, handling every role on his/her own. A complex job done by many was now consolidated into one. The broad responsibility of a music producer has not really changed in 15 years, although the work execution has drastically. The modern music producer is the artist/musician himself and may possibly be skilled as an audio engineer as well. He writes music and produces music, all on his own on the DAW, and may or may not collaborate with other professionals.

What is Electronic Music? 

Electronic music is music that employs circuitry based music technology in its creation, production or performance. Arguably all music today is electronic. Electronic Music Production however refers to making music Digitally on a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Traditionally a music producer was responsible to oversee the entire production process of music and was responsible for every aspect and decision making, responsible for the music album from the get go. A recording engineer, a beat maker, an artist, vocalist or instrumentalist were all a part of music production process, all working under the direction of the music producer or in-tandem with the producer.

The Music Producer was often hired by a label or artist for his understanding and ideas as a specialist of the music genre and would be the decision maker for the music, being incharge of everything.

Choosing the artists involved, recordings the songs that would go into an album; co-write, co-direct, edit, make alteration and ideate to improve the quality and marketability of the music as well as be involved with choosing the right studio, the beat makers or DAW specialists, the right engineering, the right mix and mastering engineering and finally the marketing and sale of the music. The Music producers was the fixer, manager, business head, all wrapped into one; and possibly the artists/musician as well involved in the production.

As Digital Audio Workstations advanced into wholesome digital studio’s, increasing the capabilities of the software and making it the centre of the entire music production process, the music producers started to merge all the earlier roles of the production process into one. As Music went Electronic or Digital; DAW’s more accessible, giving rise to a stream of digital musicians and electronic music producers.

Electronic music producers find a need to be performers or possess engineering skills to stand out and earn a living in the music industry and should not limit their skills to making music on DAW’s alone.

What do you need to be a successful Electronic Music Producer?

  • Music Ideas & the passion to express them
  • Knowledge of a DAW to put your music ideas into the world as a track
  • An understanding of Music Theory to help you make good music
  • Basic equipment (A computer, audio interface, studio monitors or headphones and the DAW)
  • Skills to finish, mix and master the track
  • Network of Labels, Artists and DJ’s to play out your music and get it heard.

Who should attempt the Music Production Courses:

  • Dance Music enthusiasts who have music ideas that they want to execute
  • Artists who want to produce music electronically.
  • DJ's who want to expand into production and gain a larger fan following.
  • Aspiring Music Producers who are attempting self learning and need help.
  • Artists who do not want restrictions in their creative process or flow, due to lack of technological or technical knowledge.
  • Live Musicians who want to understand expand to Dance Music

Advantages of a Music Production Course

  • No prior music knowledge required to start
  • Hobbyists and beginner friendly
  • Make music digitally on a computer, with minimal investment.
  • Hands on instruction with guidance from professionals
  • Gain a working knowledge of DAWs beyond videos and chat rooms
  • Need based learning giving you the ability to scale ones knowledge based on current or future need
  • Continuity in learning from Basics to Advanced

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I Love Music Academy Module Logo for Music Foundation

Music Foundation

Understand the basic fundamentals of sound along with essential concepts to strengthen your musicianship, regardless of the instrument or style of music that you play. It includes exposure to song structure with a comprehensive insight into the fundamental notions of music theory, chords, scales, progressions etc

Music Foundation Course Curriculum

  • Beats
  • Music Appreciation
  • Music Theory (All that you could need for Music Production)
  • Parts of a Song
  • Melody & Bass-lines
  • Song Structure

Course Duration

14 Sessions  (Weekends) 

I Love Music Academy Module Logo for Acoustics

Acoustics & Studio Construction

Obtain a deeper understanding of different kind of acoustic spaces and their effect on sound. In depth exploration of materials used in developing great sounding studio spaces for a comprehensive listening experience.

Acoustics & Studio Construction Curriculum

  • Absorption, Reverberation, Reflection & Response
  • Understanding Acoustical Problems
  • Floating Floor, Walls & Ceilings
  • Live Room & Control Room Design
  • Acoustic Panels (Types & Characteristics)

Course Duration

09 Sessions  (Weekdays) 

I Love Music Academy Module Logo for Synthesis

Synthesis & Sound Design

An introduction to how synthesisers work, sound design concepts, and how to program a wide variety of synthesiaers. From there we will explore more detailed aspects of sound creation and manipulation including imitating acoustic instruments, FM, oscillator sync, ring modulation, and more.

Synthesis & Sound Design Curriculum

  • Components of a Synthesizer
  • Subtractive Synthesis
  • FM Synthesis
  • Additive Synthesis
  • Wavetable Synthesis
  • Sample Based / Granular Synthesis
  • Hardware Synthesizers (Moog, Arp, Arturia…)

Course Duration

27 Sessions  (Weekdays)  

I Love Music Academy Module Logo for Recording

Recording & Analog Mixing

Equip yourselves with the ideology and technology behind audio recording and mixing using just the analog domain.

Recording & Analog Mixing Course Curriculum

  • Theory of Sound
  • Studio Routing
  • Analog Mixer
  • Dynamic processing
  • Time based processing
  • Microphones
  • Digital Audio
  • Recording Assignment
  • Mixing

Course Duration

45 Sessions (Weekdays)
I Love Music Academy Module Logo for Audio Post

Audio Post Production

The Art and Science of using Audio for Visual media used to enhance the visual experience with the integration of Sound.

Audio Post Production Curriculum

  • Sound for Films
  • Audio Video Integration
  • Pro Tools for Post Production
  • Voice
  • Foley
  • Background score & FX
  • Sound Design
  • Special Effects
  • Editing Audio clips
  • Syncing with Video

Course Duration

24 Sessions (Weekdays) 

I Love Music Academy Module Logo for Ableton Live

DAW: Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a software music sequencer and digital audio workstation for macOS and Windows. In contrast to many other software sequencers, Live is designed to be an instrument for live performances as well as a tool for composing, recording, arranging, mixing, and mastering. A goto DAW for Electronic Music producer-performers the world over.

Music Production on Ableton Curriculum

  • Fundamentals of Sound
  • Ableton Live Properties & Arrangement View
  • Editing/Working with Loops & Samples in Arrangement View
  • Arrangements
  • Session View
  • Warping & Automation
  • Dynamic Processing
  • Equalization
  • Ableton Filters & Effects
  • Introduction to MIDI & Ableton Devices
  • Subtractive Synthesis | Analog
  • Sampling on Simpler
  • Impulse & Drum Rack
  • FM Synthesis | Operator
  • Advanced Sampling
  • Racks and Macro Controls
  • Mixing & Mastering

Course Duration

30 Sessions (Weekends) 

I Love Music Academy Module Logo for Logic

DAW: Apple Logic Pro

Logic Pro is Apple’s professional audio production software . The software offers audio recording functionality alongside world-class virtual instruments, effects, and thousands of high quality audio samples and loops. Logic Pro remains as one of the leading software suites in the music industry.

Music Production on Logic Pro Curriculum

  • Fundamentals of Sound
  • Navigating through Logic (An introduction)
  • MIDI in Logic
  • Logic Plugins
  • Logic Soft Synths
  • Automation
  • Recording & Editing in Logic
  • Mixing & Mastering

Course Duration

36 Sessions  (Weekdays)

I Love Music Academy Module Logo for Pro Tools

DAW: Avid Pro-Tools

Power your sound with the tools that power the industry. Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation developed and released by Avid Technology. Used for a wide range of sound recording and sound production purposes, it is considered Industry standard in Recording and used to Create music or sound for film/TV. Learn from the basics upto advanced pro tips of harnessing the powerful capabilities of Pro tools to set up your studio and excel in audio editing, mixing, and mastering. 

Music Production on Pro Tools Curriculum

  • Introduction to Avid Pro Tools
  • Your First Session
  • Creating & Workings in Pro-Tools
  • Audio Recordings In Pro-Tools
  • MIDI in Pro-Tools
  • Mixing & Mastering

Course Duration

30 Sessions (Weekdays)