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Music Foundation

Understand the basic fundamentals of sound along with essential concepts to strengthen your musicianship, regardless of the instrument or style of music that you play. Music Foundation includes exposure to song structure with a comprehensive insight into the fundamental notions of music theory, chords, scales, progressions etc


Music theory/Music Foundation is concerned with describing how musicians and composers make music. 


Understanding Song structure and how each part combines to make a whole track, is essential for good composition.


  • Beats

  • Music Appreciation

  • Music Theory (All that you could need for Music Production)

  • Parts of a Song

  • Melody & Bass-lines

  • Song Structure

Pre Requisites

Listen to lots of music of different genres and styles to expand your appreciation and understanding of music genres.


14 Sessions (Weekends)

Module Fee

₹ 33,000/-

Available with following Programs

Music Foundation is available in the following Certificate/s:

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