India's First
Modular Program in Music!

An innovative modulated course structure that allows aspiring musicians the flexibility to choose modules
and build courses as per their need, requirements and aspirations.

Why Modular Course Structure?

The way people learn and require instruction has changed over the last decade. Technology, the Internet and the interest of students are all factors considered when developing a Modular program.

Our Modular course structure gives aspiring musicians the flexibility to choose their own path and take on a module as per their individual need. It makes allowances for reattempts or repetition when required of specific broad topics rather than an entire program. In addition a modulated course structure allows independent certification of specific topics based on interest and/or ability. 

These course modules have been developed with research over the past 9 years blending critical elements of the music industry, combining: creativity, technology, and skills required for success. Where learning is a continuous process, these modules offer a great starting point and we hope to add more modules for specialised topics in the future.

In addition to being the foundation of our programs, these modules are also available individually as independent courses.


Choose from our pre-built program to gain Industry Ready Certifications or reach out to our admissions team with any questions regarding admissions, funding and building your custom program.