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Mixing & Mastering

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Why Mixing & Mastering?

The process of audio production is equal parts art and science, with technology enhancing the creative efforts of an artist. Two of the most essential elements of production are mixing and mastering, which are often misunderstood by new producers to be one process. In fact, they are two separate processes and should never be combined.

Typically, a track requires two distinct individuals—a mix engineer (or the artist/producer) and a mastering engineer—to achieve a successful finish.

Mixing is the process of combining and adjusting individual elements to form a stereo audio file after a mixdown. It is the necessary step before mastering. Mastering involves adjusting EQs, compression, limiters and stereo enhancements after completing the mix of the stereo file. The mastering engineer’s only directive is to provide a clear, professional sound that listeners will enjoy on any media or device.

Our Mixing and Mastering course is a series of private individual sessions, divided into two parts. A student will learn and implement the process of mixing his or her own track with our mix engineer, then learn how to master the same track with our mastering engineer. Students will conclude the course with their own tracks mixed, mastered, and ready to be professionally released.

Start Learning Now

Finished producing  your track?

Time for some post production.

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your productions mixed and mastered in-front of you and learn how to do it at the same time.”

Now you can!

Learn to mix and master your music genre on a DAW that you are familiar with (Ableton /Logic /Pro Tools) on your very own track, that you have produced. 

Mixing & Mastering

In the box
(Purely Software Based)

Curriculum Overview

Part 1: Mixing

– Frequency
– Amplitude
– Envelopes
– Phase
– Mono / Stereo
– DB Spl / DB Fs
– Sample rate / Bit depth

– Depth 
– Height 
– Panning 
– Dynamic ranges 
– Clipping 
– Meters / Analysis

Learn to alter the dynamic range by learning dynamic processing

Learn about coloring of sound and balancing of frequencies.

Learn the process of adding depth and movement to enhance emotion in music
Learn how to alter harmonic balance and content with these effects.

Understand the fundamentals of Saturation, Distortion & Modulation

(6 Sessions – depending on genre)

– Most electronic tracks typically require 4–6 sessions.
– Any additional hours beyond 6 sessions will be chargeable.

Part 2: Mastering

– Introduction

– Compression / Multi-band EQ

– Harmonic Excitation / Saturation / Tape

– Limiter / Dithering / Down-sampling

– Mastering Audio Process

Pre Requisite

a) Must have knowledge of at least 1 DAW ; Pro Tool | Ableton | Logic
b) Original self made track.
c) Please read the FAQs carefully before applying for the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not provide mixing or mastering services. This course is a private instruction to teach students how to mix and master their own tracks. However, with the help of our faculty, students will have a well-mixed and mastered track by the end of the course.

The course is specific to each track, and therefore determined by the genre of the track. Although the basic principals of mixing and mastering remain the same for all genres, the process will change for different genres.

Faculty will do the best they can to ensure that the mix and master is industry-standard for a release, but cannot change the way you have produced your track. The course covers digital mastering and is not true mastering. The course title, “Mixing and Mastering in the Box” relates to a digital work environment.

This is not a ghost production service. Our engineers will be happy to advise students how to improve their production, but will not perform the same for them. 

The course does not certify students as Mixing or Mastering engineers. The course focuses only on training & enhancing your skills to Mix and Master your own music style, for digital release. 

The academy studios are well equipped. Software or DAWS are not provided as part of the course, and faculty will not load software onto students’ personal machines. Students are required to work on the school systems and save a backup of their work on their own drives.

Students will own the final mix and master at the conclusion of the course and can claim credit for the same, giving due credit to the Academy for help. The Academy shall not be liable for any infringements or copyright issues for the tracks produced, nor be entitled to any profits from any sale or distribution.

Get your own productions mixed and mastered while you learn the process, on your own track.​

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Mixing & Mastering Course (MnM)

Course Specifications

Private one-on-one sessions 16 Sessions

Duration: 4 weeks

Timings: 2 Hr classes, 4 days per week

Mode: Private 1 on 1

Class Size: 1-2 students

Award: Certificate & Mixed Tracks

Studio Equipment

Yamaha HS8 | Yamaha MG20XU Analog Mixer | Macki MCU Pro Control Surface |  Arturia Keylab 61 | NI Komplete S49 | MOTU 828 Audio Interface | Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro | Apple Mac mini