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Electronic Music Producer
Master Program (Diploma)

This course sets you on the path to a career in the Electronic Dance Industry. Learn Music Production and Sound Design along with Professional Dj’ing and build a foundation to become a Music Entrepreneur.

Electronic Music Producer
Master Program (Diploma)

This course sets you on the path to a career in the Electronic Dance Music Industry. Skill yourself in Music Production, Professional Dj’ing & Electronic Performance and build the foundation to become a Music Entrepreneur.

140 Sessions | 12 months | 2 Hrs each
7 students per batch

Why Electronic Music Producer Master ?

Electronic Dance Music is a specialised and competitive Industry thats is booming globally, a dream career for most, the world of electronic dance music today is a highly technical, skilled and creative field. In India the popularity of Electronic Music has skyrocketed over the past decade, giving rise to aspiring DJ’s and music producers looking for that competitive edge to push them to the lime-light of the Industry. However they need an added edge to be able to compete or collaborate with seasoned professionals who have spent years perfecting their skill-set as music producers and DJs through self discovery and experience.

The Electronic Music Producer Master Program (Diploma)  at I Love Music Academy is a first of its kind, Full-Time Diploma Program for aspiring electronic musician producers, engineered to provide you with the technical knowledge and skills required to launch yourself into a career in electronic music. From setting up a home studio with the Acoustics & Studio Construction module to an introduction in the core fundamentals of music theory via the Music Foundation module, Music Production techniques on multiple DAWS, into Sound Design and Sound Synthesis to make your unique sound, we cover every base.

Electronic Dance Music Entrepreneur.



The Electronic Music Producer Master Program (Diploma) combines the key fundamentals required in the production studio as well as on stage and in-front of a dance floor. From making that perfect sound as a music producer, to laying out a full track; DJ softwares for Digital DJing using technology to play out your very own productions, or mix tracks with other music as a DJ, its all here. Advancing DJ Skills on the dj mixer, students get mentored by our Senior DJ and Producers as Faculty and if good enough, get to perform Live in-front of an audience as part of this program. Get set for a well rounded career in Electronic Music Production and Performance: Master everything audio and be able to command the dance floor, all through this inspirational program.

For more information on this Program or enhancements to this Diploma Program speak to an admissions representative for details.

Start Learning Now

Music Theory/Music Foundation is frequently concerned with describing how musicians and composers make music, including tuning systems and composition methods among other topics.

Obtain a deeper understanding of different kinds of acoustic spaces and their effect on sound. 

Explore & manipulating the circuitry, modules and signal flow that goes into the working of a synthesizer( Digital & Analog) to create sounds using different synthesis techniques.

DAW Based Music Production


Begin from where it all started, the roots of Dj-ing are turntables. 

CD players, softwares and controllers actually emulate the functions of a turntable when it comes to DJ’ing. 

Very rarely do new Dj’s get to play on Turntables at clubs and rarely have access to it. For this reason our DJ Classes starts the learning of DJ basics on turntables, it adds a level of understanding and skill to the art form that you would otherwise never have without our DJ course. 

Vinyl allows Dj’s to connect directly with the music media giving aspiring Dj’s a sense of respect to the origins of the DJ art form. Vinyl is making a come back, though its usually amongst the senior and experienced DJ’s who started out with Vinyl. Hence, we ensure our Dj classes start on vinyl to learn get the basics of DJ’ing right.

CD Players

Progressing your skill-set with Technology. ​

CDJ 2000 NXS 2

I Love Music Academy DJ classes introduce you to the base model in Industry standard DJ – CD Players the Pioneer CDJ 350’s, moving onto CDJ 900’s and then to the very latest Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS2.

Even though they are still called CD players and have the capability to use CD’s as the music media, most DJ’s use digital USB/pen drives for music storage rather than CD’s to perform. 

Starting with the very basic features like choosing tracks to controlling tempo and setting cue points the CD player allows the Dj to control and perform with ease.


Software allows DJ’s to go beyond what is physically possible for humans. ​


This including working with multiple decks simultaneously as well as enhancements in performance via triggering effects, pre-set cue points, launching loops and clips, and so on as part of Digital Djing.

Explore (NI) Traktor & (Pioneer) RekordBox along with Midi devices as well as the use of CD players as controllers for performing with Software in the Dj classes.

Music has no boundaries, it is limited only by your ability and imagination. Skill yourself to help yourself and let technology be your tools to give life to your creative abilities.”

“Your path to become a Music Entrepreneur, learn to Produce Perform and engineer your sound to shape the dance floor of tomorrow.”

Payment Options

We offer you a wide variety of payment options.

Online Payment

Register for your course online via InstaMojo / Bank Transfer.

EMI (Zest Money)

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Offline Payment

Register for your course by visiting the Academy and Pay viaCash/Cheque.

Customize your Program
Choose modules as per your individual learning requirements, to create your own course.

Student Success

We encourage our students to seek out challenging assignments and make fame their goal for success. The journey to fame is through the quality of work and music that they release.

Here we showcase some of our talented students, who have put their technical and music sensibilities out there and gained recognition though their assignments & music released. We wish them all the fame and success and are proud to have been a part of their journey.


DJ|Producer|Audio Engineer
Tarun Mishra & Prayas Makkar


Producer|Audio Engineer
Nakul Pai


Producer|Audio Engineer
Nishit Singh

Some of the labels our students have released on:

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Electronic Music Producer Master Program Diploma (EMPM)

Course Specifications

140 Sessions (280 Hrs) + Studio based projects

Duration: 1 Year (Full Time)

12 months of study

Timings: 2 Hr classes, 3-6 days per week

Mode: Group Format

Class Size: 8 students

Award: Diploma (Private)

DAWs: Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live (Suite)

DJ Software: NI Traktor | Pioneer Rekordbox

Music Production Studio Equipment

Yamaha HS8  | Ableton Push 2 | Roland TR808 Drum machine | Arturia Keylab 61 | NI Komplete S49 | MOTU 828 Audio Interface | Arp Odyssey Analog Synthesizer | Moog Little Phatty | Arturia Mini Brute | Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro | Tascam DR-08 & DP008 | Shure SM57 | Mac Mini + Live Instruments | Lexicon DBX 166 XS Compressor / Limiter / Gate – Harman Audio | MX200 Lexicon Pro – Legendary Reverb and Effects |Behringer Eurolive B115D booth monitors | Behringer Eurolive B112D booth monitors | Technics 1200 Mk 2 | Ortofon Pro S Stylus | Pioneer CDJ 350, 900, 2000  NXS 2 | Pioneer DJM 350, 900, 900 NXS 2 | NI Traktor Vinyl Scratch | Sure SM57 | Sennheiser HD 280 Pro | AIAIAI TMA-1 |  NI Traktor Kontrol  X1 MIDI Controller