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Mix Music like a Pro

Our Professional DJ Courses are designed to hone your music sensibilities and realise your musical aspirations as a performer.

Technology is the future of DJ-ing, but skill is what makes you stand out. So skill yourself, start from the beginning. We Start with Turntables.

Professional DJ COURSES

Begin by selecting the skill you want to train yourself in.

Our Professional DJ Course will take you through a systematic learning progression through need based learning, without the confusions of knowing where to start. 

Level: Beginners

  • Professional DJ-ing
  • Music Foundation
  • DAW: Ableton Live
  • DAW: Apple Logic
  • Synthesis & Sound Design
  • Acoustics & studio Construction
Intermediate Course image

Level: Intermediate

  • Professional DJ-ing
  • Music Foundation
  • DAW: Ableton Live
  • DAW: Apple Logic
  • Synthesis & Sound Design
  • Acoustics & studio Construction

Add on Electronic Music Production

Level: Advanced

  • Professional DJ-ing
  • Music Foundation
  • DAW: Ableton Live
  • DAW: Apple Logic
  • Synthesis & Sound Design
  • Acoustics & studio Construction

Add on 3 more Modules to DJ Producer

A DJ is a music professional who has the skills to mix recorded music and plays the same in a continuous seamless flow for an audience.

“DJ” is an acronym for Disc Jockey, where the term Disc represents a Vinyl Record, CD’s or Electronic storage medium where music is stored and Jockey stands for a professional who operates or works with a specified equipment.

Contrary to common Indian slang and belief, a DJ is not the sound system itself, a DJ plays on DJ equipment or better known as DJ decks, which can comprise or Turntables, CD players, Mixers, midi controllers, a laptop and other such equipment.

Described as a musician, performer, artist and entertainer, the DJ is all of them and more; it is imperative to understand here that a Dj is a professional entertainer and in the business of entertainment through music. It is not a title but rather a job function and business in a highly competitive industry.

A difference between an Amateur or Bedroom DJ and one who is professional, is distinguished primarily by ability and place of performance. All Dj’s start out as the same and can go PRO if they make the effort and choose to do so.

Are you a Bedroom DJ? 
The Urban Dictionary describes bedroom DJ’s as : “A person who owns Dj’ing equipment (ie. turntables, mixer, CDJ’s, etc.) and has a passion for music, but doesn’t play out to crowds at bars or special events (ie. raves). Instead, they opt to play their music at home for their friends or over the internet via audio broadcasting software…”

What do you need to be a DJ ?

  • Music Knowledge to select the right music
  • Equipment Knowledge to operate the music equipment
  • Mixing Skills, to seamless mix one track into another
  • Stage presence to entertain and keep the audience engaged, ensuring that they have a good time
  • Network, Marketability and Business sense to get ahead.

Advantages of a Professional DJ Course

  • No prior music knowledge required to start
  • Hobbyists and beginner friendly
  • Unlimited practice time during the course
  • Hands on instruction with guidance from professionals on Industry standard equipment
  • Gain a working knowledge of Dance Music and technology Involved.
  • Need based learning giving you the ability to scale ones knowledge based on current or future need
  • Continuity in learning from Basics to Advanced

Who should attempt the Professional DJ Courses:

  • Dance Music enthusiasts
  • Music Producers who want to Play or perform their music
  • Music Producers who want to start earning and encashing their fame from production.
  • Aspiring Music Producers who are attempting self learning and need help.
  • Artists who do not want restrictions in their creative process or flow, due to lack of technological or technical knowledge.
  • Live Musicians who want to understand expand to Dance Music

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