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Professional DJ

Learn to DJ like a Pro in our DJ Course

Learn to DJ on Vinyl, CD Players and Digital Software, make a name for yourself and really stand out in the scene. Understand the business of music
and gain the ability to perform in this Professional Disk Jockey Course

DJ Course Curriculum

Below are the subjects you will learn in the Pro DJ Course

Beginner - Intermediate

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  • Beat and Bars
  • Music genre
  • Mood of Music and Music Appreciation

DJ Setup

  • Setting up a DJ Console
  • Wiring, Cables, Jacks and Routing
  • Connecting a Microphone and Mic. Etiquette
  • Understanding Speakers
  • Critical listening
  • Science of Sound

DJ Basics

  • Parts of a Turntable
  • Catching a beat
  • Beat matching
  • Introduction to CD players
  • Mixing 
  • Track Selection

DJ Intermediate

  • Creating a Set
  • Effects
  • Stabs & Chops
  • Sampling & Looping

DJ Advance 

  • Advanced Mixing Technics
  • Transitioning 
  • Playing back to back with other DJ’s
  • Marketing & Presentation

Digital DJ Setup

  • Setting up a Digita DJ Console
  • Sound Card & Laptop Connections 
  • Understanding Midi

Digital DJ Basics

  • Mixing with Software
  • Rekord Box
  • Traktor 
  • Mixing in Key
  • Midi Devices & DJ Controllers
  • Integration of CD Players and Digital Djing

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Why Professional DJ Course ?

At I Love Music, we believe that the DJ is the musician of the future. These live performance artists must have a unique vision to take individual tracks and mix music into one organic, seamless flow. Dance music is a huge part of the music industry today, and the DJ takes centre-stage at all kinds of events—from clubs to fashion shows to live performances.

As the business itself is developing, the avenues for DJs are quickly expanding. Choose to specialise in one part of the technique or the process as a whole, a professional DJ now has many potential avenues within this fresh and exciting music industry.

At the end of the Pro DJ course, successful DJ students can organize their own DJ events, perform and gain the real-world experience or intern under a senior professional.

Speak to our admissions representatives for how you can maximise your learning with us and take advantage of unlimited practice.

Minimum Prescribed 10 Hours of DJ Practice (Included).

Upgrade to Unlimited  Practice!

Some of the organisations our DJ students have worked with:

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Course Specifications

24 Sessions (48 Hours) + studio based practice

Duration: 3 months (Part time)

Timings: 2 Hr classes,  2 days per week

Mode: Group Format

Class Size: 6-7 students

Award: Certificate

+ DJ Software: NI Traktor | Pioneer Rekordbox

DJ Training - Studio Equipment

Behringer Eurolive B115D booth moniters | Behringer Eurolive B112D booth moniters | Technics 1200 Mk 2 | Ortofon Pro S Stylus |Pioneer CDJ 350, 900, 2000  NXS 2 | Pioneer DJM 350, 900, 900 NXS 2 | NI Traktor Vinyl Scratch | Sure SM57 | Sennheiser HD 280 Pro | AIAIAI TMA-1 |  NI Traktor Kontrol  X1 MIDI Controller | Apple Mac mini

Learn more about the whats included in the DJ Course

“Command the DJ console and control the dance floor while you Mix like a Pro!”

Vinyl | Turntables

Technics SL-1200

Learn to DJ on the original DJ console – the Turntable. DJ training  from the very basics.

  • Parts of a turntable.
  • Beat-matching by ear.
  • History of turntables and records.
  • Catching a beat.
  • Cue-ing.
  • Vinyl appreciation.

CD Players

Pioneer CDJ 350

After DJ classes on the Turntables, master the next set of essential tools used for DJ-ing, the CD players.

  • Parts/Components of 350’s
  • Beat-matching on CD players
  • EQ’ing
  • Set Construction
  • Parts of a Song

Pioneer CDJ 900

Advance your Dj training with Technology, the Pioneer CDJ 900  and learn even more advanced mixing skills.

  • Advanced Mixing techniques (Stabbing/Chopping).
  • Cabling/Routing.
  • Mixing Techniques.
  • Advanced FX Techniques.
  • Parts/Components of the 900’s

Pioneer CDJ2000 nexus 2

Next, challenge yourself DJ skills with the features of the new Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus 2.

  • Parts/Components of the 2000 nxs2.
  • Analysis using Rekordbox.
  • Features of the 2000 nxs2.
  • Digital DJ-ing with 2000 nxs2.

Digital / Software & Controller 

Digital DJ-ing on Software

Learn how to mix and perform on DJ-ing software and MIDI devices as a Digital DJ! 

DJ Software allows Dj’s to go beyond what is physically possible for humans. This including working with multiple decks simultaneously as well as enhancements in performance via triggering effects, pre-set cue points, launching loops and clips, and so on.

Explore (NI) Traktor & (Pioneer) RekordBox along with DJ- Midi based devices as well as the use of CD players as controllers for performing with DJ Software as the final step in our DJ course.

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Student Success

We encourage our students of the DJ Training program to make fame their goal for success, and the journey to fame is through the quality of music that they release. Here we showcase some of our talented students, who have put their music sensibilities out there and gained recognition through their performances and residencies. We wish them all the fame and success and are proud to have been a part of their journey.

Bachitter Singh

Resident DJ
Summer House Cafe, Delhi

Varun Khullar

Resident DJ
Kitty Su, Delhi

Ratin Adlakha

Resident DJ
Auro, Delhi

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