Audio Engineering & Music Production
Modular Program

An innovative modulated course structure that allows aspiring musicians the flexibility to choose modules
and build courses as per their needs, requirements and aspirations.

Comparing our Program Bundles

Ideally one would want to attempt all the modules to get a holistic understanding in production & performance for a well rounded career in the electronic music industry. Where more knowledge is better, the challenge is time and money one can invest.

To make it simpler for you to choose the right way forward we have created bundled programs and shown a program comparison below to help you choose the appropriate road map. 


Choose to attempt one module at a time or save on time and money by choosing the bundled certificate course.
+ Add-on modules to reach the desired Diploma Award, or directly choose a Diploma Program and save additionally.
– Some of our modules are not bundled in the Programs above, they are offered as Private 1 on 1 sessions and/or are advanced modules that we offer subject to pre-requisites. More details below:

PRIVATE 1 on 1 & Advanced Modules

The Professional DJ course is best attempted as a group class, but we do offer Private Classes for the same as well. Speak with our Admissions Representative for more details and check availability of the same. 

Advanced DJ skills is an advanced program offered to students who show potential as performers and have successfully started performing during or soon after the completion of their DJ course. Our DJ Faculty handpicks who is eligible. Speak with our Admissions Representative for more details.

Our Mixing and Mastering course is run as Private 1 on 1 Sessions to help artists achieve finishing their track. Artists must have a ready track on which the sessions will be conducted. By the end of the sessions, one would not only understand the process of mixing and mastering but have a ready track as well. Please read the FAQ’s in detail, before applying.  


Choose from our pre-built program to gain Industry Ready Certifications or reach out to our admissions team with any questions regarding admissions, funding and building your custom program.