Careers and Opportunity

We are all about the music at I Love Music Academy – electronic music, to be precise.

However, that’s not a prerequisite to work with us. We are a small unit of individuals with the biggest possible dreams, seeking creative and resourceful minds to propel our Academy to the next level.

If you are hard-working, like to think outside the box, a self starter and don’t mind being surrounded by tamed insanity, this may be just the place for you.

If you fit the bill but can’t find a suitable position to apply for, call us anyway and tell us about your special skills. We are always happy to hear from people who would like to get involved, and may consider you for other positions in the future. We value self-motivated, positive, smart people who have a genuine enthusiasm for music.

An excellent command of English is essential for all positions.

For faculty positions, we’re looking for candidates who are genuinely passionate about teaching and have the ability to impart their knowledge & experience in an approachable and effective manner. All our faculty members must be currently practicing or performing in the music industry to be eligible for consideration.

Academy timings: Tuesday–Sunday | 11:30am –7:00pm
Weekly holiday: Monday

Contact us at +91-9818476967 |

We are currently seeking candidates for the following job openings:



Job Description:
* Conducting classes in music production and audio engineering as per our curriculum
* Staying up to date with current practices in the audio industry
* Conducting and coordinating lectures and workshops with guest lecturers and visiting faculty
* Maintaining student and equipment records

Position Requirements:
* Minimum of 2 year experience in the music industry
* Technical and working knowledge of sound engineering and digital audio workstations
* Good working knowledge of Ableton, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, synthesis and sampling
* Mixing and Mastering Tracks on Ableton, Logic and Pro Tools

DJ FACULTY MEMBER  None at the moment

Job Description:
* Assisting the Senior Faculty member
* Conducting classes
* Maintaining student records, equipment and the studio

Position Requirements:
* Minimum of 2 years experience as a professional DJ
* Knowledge of CD players, turntables and DJ softwares (Traktor and Ableton)
* Up to date with the latest gear, including Midi controllers
* In-depth knowledge of all dance music genres (commercial and underground)

WEB DEVELOPER  None at the moment

Job Description:
* Manage the Academy’s website and blog
* This position calls for a highly motivated self-learner with a strong work ethic. You’ll need to be aware of the latest industry trends, and be able to set your own goals and deadlines. You must have the ability to solve complex problems and to work independently or in a team environment.

Position Requirements:
* Well versed with the WordPress framework and code including enhancing and customizing themes, web services, payment gateways and databases
* Clear understanding of CSS, HTML5, Java Script, PHP and J Query
* Knowledge of Google Analytics and SEO trends
* Our primary criteria for selection is ability, not experience. We will evaluate your suitability for the position through a small time-bound project.


Job Description:
* Setting up and using video equipment with some basic experience of lighting
* Shooting and editing 2-3 minute videos on a deadline

Position Requirements:
* Knowledge of Final Cut Pro
* Some experience with Adobe Premier Pro and AfterEffects is a bonus
* Past experience in the field is not essential, but creativity, ideation and deliverance is crucial


GRAPHIC DESIGN / INTERN (Immediate- Internship Leading to Job Opening)

Job Description:
* Designing display images, covers and posts for social media platforms
* Maintaining our Academy website
* Generating interesting design campaigns to run on social media

Position Requirements:
* Good working knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and/or Corel 
* Experience is not a prerequisite: we are looking for a basic skill set, vision and creativity


Job Description:
* Working knowledge of all the courses offered at the Academy, as well as the technical requirements of students applying for the same
* Handling administrative duties such as phone calls from prospective students, emails, maintaining sheets, using Google drive and maintaining student records
* Doing research on a variety of topics
* Marketing the Academy online (websites and social media) as well as in person (at venues such as F&B venues, schools, colleges and offices)

Position Requirements:
* Systematic approach to workflow and great at follow-ups
* Fluency in written and spoken English
* Efficient use of Google Drive, Excel, Word and Powerpoint
* Basic social media skills to upload posts on Facebook, Twitter and other media
* Ability and a willingness to work will be taken into account; age and education level are not the criteria for selection

Academy timings:Tuesday–Sunday | 11:30am –7:30pm
Weekly holiday: Monday

Contact us at +91-9818476967 |