Up Close and Personal: DRUMCELL

Moe Espinosa has been a highly acclaimed DJ and producer and a successful label owner for over a decade. In 2015, he toured in India and ‘I Love Music Academy’ was fortunate enough to host drumcell, a heavyweight in the international electronic music industry.

He stopped by the academy in Gurgaon, and shared his knowledge on the mechanics of running a label, insight into his producing techniques, and his impressions of the music industry at large.

Moe is a classically trained musician and played guitar in various Noise and Punk bands until the early 90’s until he stumbled across the L.A. rave scene. He fell in love with the music and wanted to know how it was made.

His journey has been an exciting one – he handed out his first self-produced, self-pressed vinyl at the Electronic Music Festival in Detroit and was stoked to find several DJs playing his record the very next day!



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