Time You Upgrade! Ableton Live 10.

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Its officially here and its time you upgrade! Ableton Live 10 just went live. And the good folks at The Inventory are making the transition affordable! Its definitely a limited period offer, so get it while you can!

Ableton continues to support the Ableton User Community in India through Tanseer and his team at The Inventory. Over the past they have already introduced the Ableton Push 2 bundled along with the Ableton Live suite. Now with the release of Ableton Live 10, they have out done themselves with this fantastic offer to upgrade to Live 10, in support of the Ableton User community in India.

The upgrade is meant for users of Ableton Live 8 and 9 suite versions to upgrade to Ableton Live 10 Suite. The upgrade comes at an all inclusive price of INR 9,999/- and will last till end of February 2018. Soon to follow is the official Ableton 10 workshop currently being planned for month end March 2018.  The workshop is expected to be conducted in 3 cities if not more but we know for sure Delhi/NCR is on the map! Official dates and venues will be announced soon via our social media channels in the beginning of March 2018. Till then enjoy the experience Ableton 10 has to offer.


Check out what’s included in Ableton Live 10 upgrade. 
Create bolder sounds with Live’s new devices. Stay in the flow with a multitude of workflow improvements.  
1. Live 10 Suite Upgrade pack for existing Live 9 Suite users
2. Multitrack Audio recording and MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments
3. Unique Session View for nonlinear composition, flexible performance and improvisation
4. Real-time warping of audio: automatically sync music and loops, regardless of tempo
5. MIDI-mappable controls for hands-on creation onstage or in the studio – plus automatic mapping for popular hardware controllers
6. Audio to MIDI conversion tools: extract harmony, melody or drums from an audio sample and convert it into MIDI.
7. Built-in Max for Live software with more instruments, audio and MIDI effects, and the ability to customize Live
8. 10 instruments: Wavetable, Operator, Sampler, Analog, Electric, Tension, Collision, Simpler, Drum Rack, Impulse – plus Instrument Racks and the External Instrument device
9. 57 audio and MIDI effects, including Drum Buss, Echo and Pedal
10. 5000+ sounds, 70+GB of loops and samples

New features and improvements
Arrangement Editing
– Browser
 File Handling
– Interface Improvements
– Max for Live improvements
 Multi Clip Editing
 New Devices and Device Improvements

Read all improvements in details here!

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