TECHNICS RP-DH 1250-S: Works Like a Charm

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What is it?
These DJ headphones feature Japanese state-of-the-art craftsmanship and deliver professional quality sound. They’re designed for DJ monitoring as well as studio playback from iOS devices.

The first thing that strikes you is the large, gleaming metallic speaker housing. The RP-DH 1250-S is clearly designed for audiophiles. The high-performing 50mm driver unit comes with a 24K gold-plated stereo plug, a foldable design, flip-away ear cups and a rugged, twistable headband for free-styling and single-side monitoring, making them the perfect choice for when you need to hear the upcoming track as well as the speaker output while beat-matching. The headphones are available in silver and black.

Many of my friends have been using these, and refer to them as “the headphones that last.” The hinges allow you to twist them into different positions. The dotted circles on the ear cup invoke memories of the strobe dots on the iconic Technics SL-1200 turntable. The 1250s are sturdy, stylish and comfortable. They have detachable cords for professional DJ use and iPhone/iPad connectivity, reversible housing and a swivel mechanism for free-style and single-side monitoring.

The Upside
For me, the most important upside to these headphones is the great noise isolation they offer. They also provide a robust bass and crisp, highly accurate mid-to-high tones that remain true to the original recording throughout, even at high volumes (playback with high-power 3500mW handling capacity).

The Downside
Though there really aren’t any cons, I’d recommend taking care of the hinges, depending on your usage. (Although that’s the case with most headphones.)

Final Call
I’ve had the chance to play a set using this pair and they worked like a charm. For production, I’d say they’re a good pair for beginners. They work best for the purpose of DJing. All in all a great pair; I’ve barely heard or read bad reviews about them.

What’s in the Box Tech Specs
• RP-DH1250 headphones
• 2 24K gold-plated stereo plug mic.
• Coiled DJ cable
• Mobile controller cable
• Travel pouch
• Type: Over-ear headphones 
• Driver: closed
• Active noise-cancellation: No
• Power source: None
• Sensitivity: 107db
• Frequency response: 5-30, 000Hz
• Impedance: 50 ohms
• Plug type: 3.5 stereo jack plug
• Inline volume: yes
• Weight: 360gm
• Cable length: 1.20m yes
• Extras: 6.3mm adaptor, carry case, 1.2-3m coiled cable
Approximate Price: INR 14,999/- approx. 
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