Creating transition effects using noise and white noise.

Creating transition effects using White Noise

Ever wondered why drummers in bands play drum rolls at the end of a section or measure? That’s because “rolls” help create a change in tension before the coming section or measure. Guitarists and bass players use similar techniques before a change to create transitions. In electronic music, there are various methods to achieve such transitions. These are called transition effects. Effects or FX can either be subtle or extreme and they can be used in live performances or recording situations.

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Student Showcase : Gurman Oberoi

Gurman Oberoi Dj Producer student

ILM was great, or I should say, is great. Everyone is helpful and approachable, I learnt a great deal about making electronic music and got to use a lot of different equipment. I also made some good friends along the way. Before I got here, I was fiddling around with FL studio, probably like a lot of you. I realised that I wasn’t going to get anywhere without guidance, so I asked around and a friend of mine, also an alumni of ILM, Avraan, suggested this academy.

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