“#001 (Xriss-Xross)” by Abhishek Varma

I started working on Ableton on my own 3 years ago. I already knew the basics, which obviously led me to believe I didn’t need to know more. Sceptical as I was, I still visited the Academy and it’s been an uphill climb since then.

Puneesh and G ‘Force’ Arjun, the course faculties, are probably the most musically equipped individuals I have ever met. They not only imparted technical and critical knowledge about production techniques, they also helped me grow as an artist, constantly pushing me to discover new approaches to making music.

The experience of being their student was exhilarating. Nakul, the director, was generous enough to share his years of experience in how to handle yourself in the industry, about clubs, and how even a needle could make or break your career. You won’t find this anywhere else. You definitely won’t find an admin team that is always ready to help you. From bookings to substitute classes to advice on buying equipment, they gave the best advice, and never turned me away.

If you’re lucky you might see industry giants like Arjun Vagale, Kohra, BLOT! etc. strolling through the corridors. I could go on about how awesome the Academy is. I really could. For me it was always about, “I want to perform my own music.” I just never knew how to. I’m more than happy to say that after this course at I Love Music Academy, I know what to do. If you’re considering this, and I mean seriously considering music as a career, don’t wait. Walk into the Academy, convince them that all you ever want is to be surrounded by music, for the love of it, and you’ll never look back.

About  my track:

“#001 (Xris-Xross)” is all about LFOs and heavy compressions, about claps in your face and the subtle melodies behind! Deadmau5 has been headlining my list of role models for quite some time now, ever since the first track of his that I heard back when I was in college. His music always gives off a hint of hard work, dedication, and the sense of fun he puts into his tracks – all of which makes me feel like he actually cares about his productions. There’s his ‘8 bit-ness’ and the quirky signature sounds that he synthesises, his chord progressions, and the grooves he creates in his drum rack. The way he blends them in has always been overwhelming.



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