Quick 6 with … Spektre

1. What’s the first thing you do for inspiration when you get into the studio?
Paul Maddox: Make a cup of tea. 
Rich Wakley: Ask Paul to make the teas! I’ll usually listen to some Prodigy on the way to the studio as well.

2. Favourite or newest piece of hardware/software in your studio?
Paul Maddox: Software-wise, U-He Diva; It’s the ultimate VA synth – covers so many bases with the inter-changeable sections. It was the plugin that made me stop lusting after old analogues! Hardware has to be our Dynaudio LYD monitors – they’re the perfect balance between accuracy and vibe.
Rich Wakley: If you had asked me a few weeks ago then I would have had to say U-He’s Hive….but I’ve just got the new synth Re-Pro, also from U-He and it’s fast become my new favourite. Proper beast!

3. One synthesizer you wish you owned
Paul Maddox: I do regret selling my Octave Kitten sometimes, so would to love to get it’s big sister, the CAT at some point. Great for weird filter FM noises and beefy drones.
Rich Wakley: I’ve not had too much experience with hardware but I have had a play on the Moog Minotaur which was awesome. NEED!

4. Your go-to DAW?
Paul Maddox: Ableton Live.
Rich Wakley: I only have eyes for Ableton – high school sweethearts!

5. Newest audio technology you’ve heard of?
Paul Maddox: Not brand new, but Ableton Link is a great recent revelation. It feels like someone should have done this a lot sooner – it had always seemed mad to me using an 80s protocol to sync modern computer gear.
Rich Wakley: Bat Band by Studio Banana– still in development but it uses bone conduction technology to give people the ability to listen to a recording privately as well as keeping an ear on the world around them at the same time, listening directly through the inner ear. (Studio Banana on Kickstarter.)

6. Your favourite website?
Paul Maddox: catsonsynthesizersinspace.com
Rich Wakley: picturesofwalls.com

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