Quick 6 with … JackRock

1. What’s the first thing you do for inspiration when you get into the studio?
Solid mug of coffee, browsing and tweaking the machines to achieve a sound that rings our senses. After that the flow comes by itself.

2. Favorite or newest piece of hardware/software in your studio?
The newest one is Vermona Perfourmer mkII. Really badass girl! Recently also enjoying Waldorf Blofeld. This little buddy can do wonders.

3. One synthesizer you wish you owned
The vintage Waldorf Q is No. 1 in the wish list

4. Your go-to DAW?

5. Newest audio technology you’ve heard of?
Really excited about the new series of Elektron. Also that Splice thing is pretty useful tool.

6. Your favourite website?
Sadly the times for really intriguing websites are over, so mainly the usual ones – SoundCloud, Facebook… Balthazar though is passionate about traveling all over the globe so he is into thousands of travel forums and sites.



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