Levelling your Turntable Feet

The feet of the turntable comprises of the 4 pegs screwed into the bottom of the turntable that are responsible for keeping the turntable body off the surface on which it rests, primarily for the purpose of structural isolation.
What is isolation and why is it important and how important are the feet of turntables? To know more about this, do read our blog post on “Isolation and steady feet make for better music”. 

Turntable feet are responsible for levelling the turntable to ensure that this precision device works without any issue.

One of the most ignored aspects of turntable set-up is levelling.
The turntable requires an even surface to function properly and is very sensitive, one can even go to the extent of saying it is a precision instrument and will not function properly unless levelled.

What can happen?
– The stylus can skip off the vinyl groove
– Problems in anti-skating, pulling too far in one direction
– Instability in belt drive turntables causing hums and add-on vibrations
– Pitch instability
– Needle eating too deep into the vinyl and destroying the sound over time.
All of the above are real-world issues faced because of uneven levelling. But the solution is quite simple and mostly inexpensive.


In fact all it will cost you is time!

The feet of most turntables are adjustable and can simply be screwed or unscrewed to adjust the height or level. A simple bubble level indicator is best used on the platter to determine the correct level.




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