“Up Close & Personal with… Drumcell”

Dec 03 2017 | Artist Interviews | Words : ilovemusic

Drumcell a.k.a Moe Espinosa returns to India after two long years of touring the globe. We were very excited to welcome him back to the I Love Music Academy on the last leg of his India tour. In this second round of “Up Close & Personal with Drumcell”, he was pleasantly surprised to see how the academy had progressed both physically as a learning space, as well as with eager students. The audience was well versed with his music style and hanging on his every word.

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Quick 6 with … Spektre

Nov 17 2017 | Artist Interviews | Words : ilovemusic

1. What’s the first thing you do for inspiration when you get into the studio?
Paul Maddox: Make a cup of tea. 
Rich Wakley: Ask Paul to make the teas! I’ll usually listen to some Prodigy on the way to the studio as well.

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Up Close and Personal: Petter B

Oct 01 2017 | Artist Interviews | Words : ilovemusic

Petter B is a DJ and producer based in Gothenburg. He started out behind the decks back in 1996 at the age of 13. He was a part of the famous techno duo ‘Hertz’ for five years and relaunched his solo career in 2012. Our very own in-house DJ extraordinaire, Arjun Vagale chats with Petter about his musical journey, his go-to equipment and how to produce music that is relevant.

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Special Education Tie Up with LennarDigital!

Sep 27 2017 | In Other News | Words : ilovemusic

I Love Music Academy strives to curb piracy and encourage the use of licensed software to further legitimize India as a destination for quality electronic music education.  Lennar Digital and I Love Music Academy have become education partners in this effort, enabling students of the academy to access the benefits of legal software at concessional rates! 

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