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Audio Post Production

Audio post production deals with all aspects of audio pertaining to visual media, specifically for film and television. This comprehensive module covers:

Music: To understand and identify the theme of the movie. The feelings involved in the scene and then create a score to tell the story.

Voice: Record dialogues and speech sounds. We can then process it based on the space they occur.

Sound FX: Learn how Special Effects, Foley and other sounds are designed to represent the visual environment using audio.


Starting with DAW configuration for particular video files, we will cover the Importing audio from the video file, muting it, blending a whole world of sounds to the video using both audio recording and editing techniques. Using processing plug-ins we will create space/depth and clarity in audio to fit the visual space inside a video and more.


The objective is to understand how to work with audio specifically for video and integrate both audio and video together on ProTools.


  • Sound for Films

  • Audio Video Integration

  • Pro Tools for Post Production

  • Voice

  • Foley

  • Background score & FX

  • Sound Design

  • Special Effects

  • Editing Audio clips

  • Syncing with Video

Pre Requisites

24 Sessions (Weekdays)

Module Fee

₹ 57,000/-

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You can do this module as an Independent Individual module, only if you have previously done Pro-tools. Else not available individually. Apply in the link above.

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