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Audio Engineering Basics
Certificate Program

Learn the essential for a career as an Audio Engineer. The Course covers Recording, Analogue Mixing & Pro-Tools along with Acoustics and Studio Construction, which are the basic requirements for Audio Engineers.

Audio Engineering Basics Certificate Program​

Learn the essential for a career as an Audio Engineer. The Course covers Recording, Analogue Mixing & Pro-Tools along with Acoustics and Studio Construction, which are the basic requirements for Audio Engineers.

84 Sessions | 12 Months | 2 Hrs each.
7 students per batch.

Why Audio Engineering Basics ?

An engineer is only as good as his/her tools, but a good sound engineer is a master of the tools available, with an in-depth understanding to maximise its use, i.e. the recording studio and its equipment.

The Audio Engineering Basics Certificate Program at the I Love Music Academy concentrates on understanding the studio environment. It encapsulates the fundamental concepts like: compression, equalisation, phase cancellation, microphone selection and recording studio setup. Students discover how to use microphones, consoles, and digital audio workstations (DAWs) to record and enhance their Mic-ing techniques for recording leading to mixing and reproduction.

Engineer your sound!
Master the Tools in your studio

An audio engineer sets up the recording studio equipment used to capture and shape sound; but his main job is to use his/her technical skills to bring the music producer’s and recording artist’s vision to life.

This sound program goes beyond the shell of a recording engineer as a technician and equips aspirants to explore the studio as a whole including editing, mixing, reproduction and reinforcement of sound, as the basic stepping stones to a career as an audio engineer.

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Start Learning Now

The science behind capturing sound using microphones and their recording techniques.

DAW Based Production

“Pro Tools redefined the music, film, and TV industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix audio…”

DAW Based Production

Acoustics play an important role in how you perceive and listen to music. Obtain a deeper understanding of different kinds of acoustic spaces and their effect on sound.

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“Audio Engineering Basics will empower you to use the tools available in your studio and train you on the industry standard in recording DAWs – AVID PRO tools.”

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Student Success

At I Love Music Academy, we motivate our Sound engineering students to prove themselves successful by encouraging them to enter the industry and seek out work that will challenge them and enhance their learning. Our students intern in Professional Audio based companies as part of the Audio Engineering Program and enter the industry on their own merit.

Sarthak Pawar

Audio Engineer
IndiLab Studio

Aditya Dutt

Live Sound Engineer
 LED Solutions – Vikrant Jain

Ratul Kapoor

Audio Engineer
The Inventory

Some of the organisations our students have worked with:

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Audio Engineering Basics Certificate (ABC)

Course Specifications

84 Sessions (168 Hrs) + Studio based projects

Duration: 7 months (Full Time)

Timings: 2 Hr classes, 3-4 days per week

Mode: Group Format

Class Size: upto 8 students

Award: Certificate

DAWs: Pro Tools

Audio Engineering and Recording Studio Equipment

Yamaha HS8 | SoundCraft Signature MTK22 Analog Mixer | Arturia Keylab 61 | NI Komplete S49 | MOTU 828 Audio Interface | Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro | Tascam DR-08 & DP008 | Shure SM57 | Beyerdynamic TGV35DS | Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro7 | Rode NT1-A | Mac Mini + Live Instruments | Lexicon DBX 166 XS Compressor / Limiter / Gate – Harman Audio | MX200 Lexicon Pro – Legendary Reverb and Effects