Advanced DJ Skills

Go beyond the conventional. Advance your DJ skills with personal coaching by our experienced faculty.  This module is an Advanced Module where students gain knowledge on advance transition techniques, set construction and are mentored by the Senior DJ faculty. 

Entry By Invitation Only.


A DJ is beyond just the technology he uses, his skill in mixing is only the start, the ability to master his equipment is a necessity, but thats where the journey begins. Take your sets to the next level with the help of seasoned professionals. 


Deeper understanding and improvement to DJ technique and master different transitions, better set construction & where applicable mentor.


  • Advanced Mixing
  • Advanced Transitions
  • Set Constructions (Multi -genre)
  • Personal coaching
  • Mentorship

Pre Requisites


06 Private Sessions (Weekdays)

Module Fee

₹ 30,000/-

Available with following Programs

Advanced DJ Skills is available in the following Diplomas:

  • nil

Advanced DJ Skills is available in the following Certificates:

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You can do this module as an Independent Individual module, only if you have been invited post Pro-DJ. You can also enquire about Private DJ classes. Apply in the link above.

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