Welcome to the I Love Music (ILM) academy. India’s premier electronic music school. Our motto is to offer high-powered, high-impact, and hands-on learning, complemented by access to the most cutting-edge producers, musicians, and audio equipment in the industry.


Founded in 2009, the Academy was a pioneer in its aim to provide quality contemporary music education in India. Today, we still pride ourselves on being India’s most forward-thinking music school. We focus on Music Production and DJ’ing, with a foundation in the latest trends across the global music industry. We believe in nurturing talent in the most progressive and modern genres of music.


Our visiting faculty make up some of the field’s finest music producers and DJs, and are enthusiastic about sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with students. Our equally talented in-house faculty members are always on call to offer students their expertise.


In addition to their regular coursework, students are taught key aspects of the music industry, giving them an edge in the real world after graduation. We also host regular music production workshops led by the most renowned names in the business. In the past, we’ve held interactive workshops with industry professionals such as Midival Punditz, Arjun Vagale, Ramiro LopezDualist Inquiry, Kohra, Dreadsquad, DJ Skip, Drum Cell and Christian Smith, just to name a few.


We always ensure that our students have access to state-of-the-art equipment and the most efficient infrastructure, enabling them to practice their coursework in a high-end studio environment and to complete their projects with ease. Towards this end, I Love Music Academy has partnered with the most acclaimed brands in audio technology:

Native Instruments
The Inventory
Unmute Agency
Odd Recordings
Unmute Agency

These are all non-monetary academic associations. All the audio companies listed above have voluntarily associated with the Academy. This reciprocal relationship gives our students invaluable exposure to the world’s freshest trends and equipment through training videos, student discounts, and occasional technical workshops.

We encourage you to browse through our course offerings and contact us for more information. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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