Electronic Music Producer Performer

40 sessions (80 Hours)
+ Studio based projects
Duration: 5 months (Part Time)
Timings: 2-Hr Classes, 2 days per week
Mode: Group Format
Class size : 6 to 7 students


With the advent of technology in the 21st Centaury, the way we produce and perform music has changed to a more digital format; Digital audio workstations have replaced the need for full fledged studios allowing would-be producers to make pro level music through the use of these virtual – digital studios.
Ones music creations can now easily be accessible to millions of people through the world wide web that connects us all. This has lead to the rise of bed room producers, who are limited by knowledge of performance and lack ability to DJ or play an instrument.

The Answer:
Ableton Live, a versatile DAW allowing artists to producer and perform live in the same work environment. The ability to perform a track in the familiar production environment makes it the ideal tool for musicians who choose to produce electronic music and perform it themselves.

Abletons Push 2 seamlessly integrates as a physical extension controlling the DAW, enhancing the Ableton Live core competence as a complete Production and Live performance tool.

Course Overview:

Electronic Music Producer Performer Program at I Love Music Academy, is the combination of the Electronic Music Production course with the Electronic Performer course. It gives students the holistic approach to enter the music industry as a producer/performer without the need to play as a DJ. It’s the complete Ableton Live experience teaching one to maximize the DAW to its full potential for production & performance.

Push 2 is integrated into the Electronic Music Production and Electronic Performer course and students receive a fully licensed version of Ableton Live 9 (Suite) with the Ableton Push 2 controller, making it a value proposition.

Course Curriculum :

Electronic Music Production

Ableton Live Module 1:

– Fundamentals of Sound
– Analog Mixer Basics & Digital Conversion

– Ableton Live Properties & Arrangement View

– Editing & Working with Loops & Samples in Arrangement View

– Arrangements

– Session View

– Warping & Automation
Dynamic Processing
– Equalization
– Ableton FX
– Introduction to MIDI, Musical Notes & Ableton Devices
– Music Theory
– Subtractive Synthesis | Analog
– Sampling on Simpler
– Impulse & Drum Rack

Ableton Live Module 2:

– FM Synthesis | Operator
– Advanced Sampling
– Racks & Macro Controls
– NI Massive
– Sylenth1 by LennarDigital
– Advanced Mixing

– Mixing Tips & Tricks
– Mastering

Synthesisers and Samplers

– Analog, Operator, Sylenth1, Massive
– Simpler, Sampler
– Impulse, Drum Rack

Electronic Performer Course

Exploring the Push

– Set-up

– Building a sound

– Transitions

– Automation

– Live sampling

Live Instruments

– Working with synths

– Working with other instruments

– Midi

– Automation

DJ Performing on Live

– DJing on Live and warping

– Mash-up and remixing

– Solo Performance

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