Pro-DJ Course

24 sessions (48 Hours)
+ minimum 10 Hours of Studio based practice
Duration: 3 months (Part Time)
Timings: 2-Hr Classes, 2 days per week
Mode: Group Format
Class size – 6 to 7 students

Course Description:

At I Love Music, we believe that DJs are the musicians of the future. These artists must have a unique vision to take individual tracks and mix them into one organic, seamless flow. Dance music is a huge part of the music industry today, and DJs take centre-stage at all kinds of events—from clubs to fashion shows to live performances. As the business itself is developing, the avenues for DJs are quickly expanding. Whether they choose to specialize in one part of the technique or the process as a whole, professional DJs now have many potential avenues within this fresh and exciting industry.

In Pro DJ course at I Love Music Academy, students are taught how to mix on Vinyl, CD Players, and Digital Software, and are also shown how to make a name for themselves and really stand out in the scene. The business of music, marketing, and events make up an integral part of this program.

At the end of the Pro DJ course, selected students organize their own event at a commercial venue, where they will have a chance to perform and gain the real-world experience of playing to a crowd.

Students are prescribed 10 hours of DJ Studio Practice time during the course. However we want our students to excel as DJs and give them as much time as possible. Therefore even though 10 Hours of DJ Studio practice are included in the course, (at our discretion) we  open up access to a status of unlimited practice time during the course of the program, provided they make advance bookings. Please refer to the academy Rules & Regulations for bookings.


Pro DJ Course Curriculum Overview:

Pro DJ

– Introduction to Turntables
– Catching a beat on Turntables
– Introduction to CD Players
– Music Genres, Moods, track selection based on location, time and setting.
– Stabs, Chops, Vinyl Effects on CD players
– Marketing & Presentation
– Event Management
– Critical Listening & the Science of Sound
-Setting up a DJ Console, Wiring, Understanding speakers
– Connecting a Mic & Mic Etiquette
– Sampling & Looping
– Effects
– Music Theory
– Mixing in Key, transitioning through different Genres
– Playing back to back with other DJs
– Using a Laptop and Sound Card for mixing with software
– Introduction to MIDI, Traktor and controllers.

Progression with technology and DJ gear


– Technics 1210 Turntables

CD Players

– Pioneer CDJ 350,’s > Pioneer CDJ 900’s > Pioneer CDJ 200NXS2

Advanced DJ'ing using Software

– NI Traktor & Traktor Midi gear

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