Private Classes
Fast track your course
Buy equipment @ student discounts
Help with further studies
Internship’s and on job training
& lots more…. Just ask!

At I Love Music Academy, we always try to help our students both current and past. Be it through workshops, equipment deals, Software deals and more. If you need help on any front, just ask! You never know how our team can assist you in such matters and you would not, till you ask.
Keep in touch with our faculty even after the course. Ask for help, clear doubts and even make requests for extra classes ona subject.
If we find your work is good, we may even be able to hook you up with a mentor, gigs and live projects.


for more…stay connected.
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– Join our Alumni group on Facebook for information students gigs (always happy to support our x students) and other associated artist gigs as well as collaboration opportunities with current and past students.

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