9 Month Program (Part Time)

Timings: 1 hour classes, 2 days per week

Class Size: 6 (max)


Course Overview:

The guitar course at I Love Music Academy is a short duration, high-impact intensive program. What sets this course apart is our unique, hands-on approach. The program is designed to help students at I Love Music Academy achieve their goals as quickly and simply as possible. Our experienced faculty are practicing-performing musicians and will help transform beginners into fluent and confident guitar players quickly and almost effortlessly.


Guitar Course Curriculum Overview:

Introduction to the guitar

Tuning and polish

Finger Exercises

Diatonic harmonies

Major scales

Strumming Patterns

Open Chords
G Diatonic Harmony

Project – Playing in sync

Introduction to Guitar Symphony Project 2 Guitar symphony

Introduction to Bar Chords

Blues Scale


Arpeggios revision

Project Compose a song

Music and what is music

Critical Listening

Styles of Music

Intro to 4 note Chords

Basic Theory of 4 Note Chords

Project – Solo over sections

Usage of 4 note Chords

Record your song

Introduction to Intervals

Intervals in 3rds

Project – Figure out your own cover – Original on stage

Intervals in 4th

Intro to Electric Guitar

Intervals in 5ths

At I Love Music we encourage students to start with 1 on 1 Private sessions, but do offer options for Group classes of 3 to 6 students.
Refer here for details on Guitar Fee structure

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