Please refer to the pricing information of each of our courses below.

If you are unable to pay in full please contact us for payment plans.



Audio Engineering Diploma

1 year full time program. 2 Hour classes. Tuesday thru Friday

Course Fee – INR 3,60,000/-

Discounts are available for full upfront payment. Additional discounts available for payments made in advance.



Electronic Music Production

5 months part time. 2 Hours Classes. Saturday & Sunday
Total Course Fee – INR 99,000/- 
(inclusive of  10 Hours EMP Studio Time for Practice)





3 months part time. 2 Hour Classes. Saturday & Sunday

Total Course Fee – INR 50,000/- 
(inclusive of 10 Hours DJ Studio Time for Practice)

PRO DJ + ADD (Advance Digital DJ): Total Course Fee – INR 75,000/-

Private DJ classes: 1 hour classes, 4 days a week for 6 weeks.
Total Course Fee – INR 65,000/- for 24 sessions fixed timings (including practice & application fee)

OR, If you would like to book classes at your convenience, pricing is as follows:

Min. 10 Classes – INR 45,000/- (inclusive of application fee)

Extra Class – INR 4,500/-

Additional practice time – INR 5,000/ for 10 hours/month



Advanced Digital DJ


1 month part time. 1 Hour Classes. Saturday & Sunday
Total Course Fee – INR 30,000/- (inclusive of application fees, No practice time allotted)





9 months part time. 2 Hour Classes. Saturday & Sunday
Total Course Fee – INR 1,73,000/- (inclusive of 3 courses EMP+DJ+ADD)

Build your own 
(currently unavailable due to high student volumes, please enquire for future availability)

2 Hour Classes. 2 days a week.



Private Guitar Classes – 2 Hour per week
INR 5,000/-per month, payable quarterly (INR 15,000/-)
Total Course Duration – 9 Months. 2 Hours per week X 4 weeks.

Private Classes – 1 Hour per week
INR 3,000/-per month, payable quarterly (INR 9,000/-)
Duration – 18 Months. 1 Hour per week X 4 weeks.

Optional group classes (for groups of 3 to 6 students on request)




WE FOLLOW A ZERO REFUND POLICY. All fee are liable to be paid at time of Registration. Payment plans are incidental and registration is a commitment to pay the entire course fee amount and does not constitute ability to withdraw from the course or cancel on any part nor full payment due at any point of time after registration. So please be sure of attending the course when you register for one. Payments for a course/batch will not be transferred or adjusted against another student, course, batch or any other facility.

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