Electronic Performer Course

5 sessions (10 Hours)
+ Studio based projects
Duration: 2 ½ weeks (Part Time)
Timings: 2-Hr Classes, 2 days per week
Mode: Group Format
Class size – 6 to 7 students


Electronic Music has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade, giving rise to a new generation of music lovers and musicians alike. Initially the Disc Jockey (DJ) was responsible for playing out electronic music on the dance floor. However Electronic music has moved beyond just dance music and not all producers choose to become DJs.

Rightly so, the DJ is not necessarily the only producer performer. A host of new age artists are producing music digitally and choose to perform their productions, either in a band or as a solo act.

Thus born the Electronic Performer.

Course Overview:

The Electronic Performer (EP) course at I Love Music Academy is an extension of the “Electronic Music Production” (EMP) Course.
In EMP student learn to produce music using “Ableton Live”. In the Electronic Performer course students explore performance on Ableton Live and possibly even performing ones own productions.

Ableton Live is a unique and powerful DAW for Music production, as the name suggests (“LIVE”) it’s also a great tool for Live Performance. Integrated with a midi device’s and live instruments, it allows performance to be stimulating for both the performer and the audience.

The ideal extension of Ableton Live is its proprietary midi device the Push 2, which integrates seamlessly with the DAW as an extension or a physical instrument to use for Electronic performance. The Push 2 forms an integral part of the Music Performance course and is the base instrument for the course itself. We have Integrated the Push 2 in our Music Production course along with Ableton Live as the (DAW) and here we explore its use in the performance space to shape ones Electronic Performance.


Electronic Performer Course Curriculum Overview:

Exploring the Push

– Set-up

– Building a sound

– Transitions

– Automation

– Live sampling

Live Instruments

– Working with synths

– Working with other instruments

– Midi

– Automation

DJ Performing on Live

– DJing on Live and warping

– Mash-up and remixing

Solo Performance

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