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Rahul and Jai’s passion for underground music and their hard work in the field of production, have resulted in big releases on some of the best Minimal Techno labels like DC10 Records (Hungary), and Hungry Koala Records (Melbourne). They share their sound alongside artists like Mark Dekoda, Min&Mal, Daniel Portman and many more. Their release “Hor Zu” (Techno) was included in the Amsterdam Dance Event compilation by Hungry Koala Records which hit the #1 spot on the minimal top 10 releases. Their music revolves around the sound of minimal and deep-tech, drawing inspiration from abstract samples for various textures, and learning from different synthesis techniques. Layering is a current obsession. Their favorite VSTs include the Spectrasonics Trilian, Sylenth and Ableton’s Operator.

They credit their success to the faculty at ILM Academy who created a conducive learning environment. Their first one-on-one session with Arjun Vagale gave them an insight into how a main ‘hook’ is essential in a dance music track. It shapes the structure during the creation process. The one-on-one sessions continued even after the course had ended, and helped push them forward as producers. Their Business of Music sessions made them aware of the business aspects of the music industry.
Together they form ‘White Shadows’ and most recently their track ‘Above’ made it to #1 in Minimal Deep Tech Releases and #71 in overall releases.

Our music revolves around the sound of minimal and deep-tech mostly. Drawing inspirations from abstract samples for various textures and learning from various synthesis techniques. Layering has been a current obsession. Our favorite Vsts include the Spectrasonics Trillian , Sylenth and Ableton’s Operator. The correct guidance certainly crafted our whole production foreground. All credits to ILM Academy’s faculty and learning environment. Also, even after the course the various 1 on 1 sessions were a great push for us as producers. Our first 1 on 1 session with Arjun Vagale provided us with a necessary insight about how a main “hook” is essential in a dance music track which shapes the entire structure in the creation process. The small nuances are something not to be ignored for sure. The Business for Music sessions further filled the void and made us aware about the different business aspects of the industry.

Jack – According to Jai Kishen aka Jack, he was hugely influenced by his father’s enthusiasm for electronic music. Jack was exposed to old German techno, Fat Boy Slim and Goa Gill from a very young age, and while he didn’t quite understand the music, he grew to love and admire it. He soon developed his own unique taste for electronic music and pushed himself further to learn the piano and finally opted to become a producer.
Jack had no information about the electronic music industry, and after losing a year right out of school, he opted for a course that would be interesting and benefit his career. He chose to channel his energy into something he truly loved and enjoyed, rather than just pursuing a normal degree. . 

Rahul – For Rahul Barolia music has been an important part of his life since he was a child. Beat boxing jams with friends and spending most of his school life with music teachers, pushed him towards music. His love for electronic music stems from his initial love for Hardstyle as a complete genre. Rahul considered it to have been the perfect complement to his love for rock and metal music at the time. The spark eventually grew into an exploration of the entire world of EDM. Watching performing acts like Jalebee Cartel, Prodigy, Plastikman (Richie Hawtin) etc. were sources of inspiration to get him interested in production.
Rahul believes that choosing the right course makes all the difference. After doing a lot of research, he decided to get into the DJ-Producer course at I Love Music Academy. Weekly projects and the homework refined his technical knowledge. He realised that just producing music wouldn’t suffice, it was really important to be a DJ. Choosing DJing was the easiest decision he made and Rahul credits the mentors at ILM for shaping his musical journey. He asserts that the whole team at the school were always available to help him whenever he needed.

Select Releases:
1. Above (Original Mix)
Artist: White Shadows
Record Label: Flat Belly Recordings

Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech

2. Reality (Original Mix)
Artist: White Shadows
Record Label: Flat Belly Recordings

Genre: Minimal/Deep Tech

3. Hor Zu (Original Mix)
Artist: White Shadows
Record Label: Hungry Koala Records
Genre: Techno

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White Shadows

White Shadows is an underground music act initiated by 2 young and aspiring artists, Jai kishen and Rahul Barolia. The inspiration driving their creative expansion is the passion for music, space, art and evolving technology.With its inception in 2014 White Shadows have a vision for long. As Producers, they have worked over the years gaining professional experience and quality. Professional training in western classical music and sound design they have certainly given their art first priority. It was only about time their productions witnessed international heights with their very first releases on labels that have seen the likes of some of the best DJ/Producers from around the world.

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