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I Love Music Academy strives to curb piracy and encourage the use of licensed software to further legitimize India as a destination for quality electronic music education.  Lennar Digital and I Love Music Academy have become education partners in this effort, enabling students of the academy to access the benefits of legal software at concessional rates! 

About LennarDigital:
LennarDigital (www.lennardigital.com) is a young software company based in Arnhem in the Netherlands. “Sylenth”, their flagship product is a virtual analog synthesizer that is considered among one of the top go to synths by electronic music producers. LennarDigital was founded in 2006 by Lennard Addink, an electrotechnical engineer who specialized in Digital Signal Processing. Lennard has worked on several audio and DSP projects for Siemens VDO and the University of Twente (Holland) with a focus on equalizer filters for automotive multimedia. Lennard has worked on scientific research projects which concerned active multichannel noise reduction in addition to making computer aided music for over 15 years. He has also followed the development of VST plugins.

In an article with AMAZONA.de he quotes, “I’ve tried many VSTs, but I couldn’t find one that met all my desires in sound quality and usability. So, I decided to build my own synth, one that I as a musician would prefer above others. I designed my own oscillators, filters and sound effects from ground up and implemented them with optimized source code. Our goal is to be the company of choice in computer-based audio and music production technology. We aim to create high quality professional audio software, ranging from digital synthesizers to audio effect units.”

Why Sylenth?
The sound quality of many plugins available in today’s audio software market pale in comparison to professional hardware gear and analog synthesizers. They sound thin, digital and similar, but nothing like their analog counterparts. Others plugins use up too much of your computer’s resources and you can only use one or two instances before maxing out your CPU. Then there are plugins that lack useful features, or have awkward, illogical or completely incomprehensible user-interfaces. LennarDigital understands that musicians crave sound quality first and foremost, but also need to be able to run several instances of the software simultaneously without any glitches.

That is why LennarDigital creates innovative audio plug-ins with superior sound quality, a user-friendly interface, and a powerful and highly optimized core engine. Lennar believes that we invest a lot in advanced technological research, in order to develop the highest quality oscillators, filters and sound effects which require only minimal system resources. He says there are developers who are great programmers, but do not have an idea of DSP algorithms. These developers simply implement algorithms from textbooks or from the internet, but do not really understand how they can improve these algorithms, let alone completely develop their own.

Lennard looked at the familiar algorithms more closely and then improved them fundamentally. Some companies use very large wavetables or long interpolation filters, but this requires a lot of CPU cycles and/or slow memory access. Lennard developed a new technique to work around these problems. His oscillators sound clear and high quality over the entire frequency range. And from 0 Hz up to half the sampling rate, but use only a fraction of the CPU. This makes it possible for him to generate many oscillators at once without overloading the CPU. Some synthesizers use a trick to simulate unison. This is usually a simple chorus, but this does not sound really good. In Sylenth, every voice is a real independently generated oscillator, which sounds much better!

“Sylenth1 excels in generating sounds like leads, synth-bass, pads, soundscapes and arpeggio sequences, it’s an adequate solution for a wide range of music styles. If you are constantly searching for convincing virtual analog sounds, Sylenth1 will give you great satisfaction… Absolutely indispensable in your setup.”
– Digital Music Magazine no. 28

“LennarDigital comes strong with the Sylenth1 virtual analog synth. The incredible sound engine married to outstanding effects and supreme knob-twiddling options makes Mr. Addink’s Sylenth1 a great buy.”
– www.futuremusic.com

“This synth really does sound awesome, and it’s so easy to program that it can sometimes feel like you’re cheating somehow. (…) Sylenth1 is absolutely recommended to anyone who uses a lot of bread and butter sounds from virtual analogue synths. It sounds better than 99% of the competition and, to our ears, it even rivals Access’s famous Virus. (…) amazing when you consider how little CPU power it requires. In a word: fantastic.”
– Computer Music Magazine

We have been teaching Sylenth1 as part of our syllabus at the I Love Music Academy for some time now and are excited to have LennarDigital as our partner in education, helping to empower the next generation of music producers and making it easier to access the tools to make their music sound better.
– Nakul Vagale -Director, I Love Music Academy


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