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Jun 17 2017 | Global Updates | Words : ilovemusic

I Love Music Academy has now partnered with Xfer Records, the makers of Serum, as strategic partners in education. Serum is one of the most sought after VST’s currently in the limelight.

“We now teach Serum as part of our Music Production Course where  students have the option to get a fully licensed version as part of the course offering.  This is part of our efforts to discourage piracy and enable students to access the benefits of legal software, right from the get-go” – Abhishek Varma ( I Love Music Academy) 

Xfer Records is a label formed in 2005 by Steve Duda and Deadmau5 for their collaborations, including music releases, sample libraries, and VST/AU Plugins.

Steve Duda
Steve Duda is known for his creative composition and technical efficiency. With nearly three decades of production under his belt and working with renowned artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Sugar Ray, A Perfect Circle, Tommy Lee, as well as many others, he has been able to put together an act of his own.

Joel Zimmerman, under the moniker Deadmau5 (pronounced as Dead-Mouse), became one of the leading figures in electronic dance music during the first decade of the 2000s! Known for his mischievous mouse mask, Deadmau5 is Grammy Award-nominated and has won multiple Awards. Steve and Deadmau5 have collaborated on other VST’s and AU’s on XFER Records such as Nerve, Cthulhu & LFO Tool

Serum provides you with over 140 clean, professional,  pre-made wavetables. Steve Duda, has made several of the presets in Serum himself but you’ll also find sounds created by artists like Le Castle Vania, 7 Skies, and SeamlessR. However once you’re done with messing with presets, you can move on to where it really shines; creating your own sounds. The synth GUI provides you with a beautiful bright green visualization of your wavetables.

The first time you open any synth plugin can be extremely intimidating,with an array of knobs, buttons, and strange terms/abbreviations that you’ve never heard of, especially if it’s your first synth plugin ever. However in Serum, incase you need to know what something does, just hover your mouse over it for a second and an explanation of the function appears. This feature makes so much sense, especially for beginners who wish to expand their knowledge of Serum and Synthesis in general.

Serum is a truly high-quality sound wavetable synthesizer with a visual and creative workflow-oriented interface. This make creating and altering sounds fun instead of tedious. It has the  ability to “go deep” when desired – to create / import / edit / morph wavetables, and manipulate these on playback in real-time.

A Wavetable Editor built right in lets you create your own wavetables in different ways.  Serum also has a variety of methods and options for analyzing audio for breaking it apart into individual waveforms.  The processing menu options allow you to do the other tasks you would want, such as apply fades, crossfades, normalize, export, and much more.

Playback of wavetables requires digital resampling to play different frequencies. Without considerable care and a whole lot of number crunching, this process will create audible artifacts. Artifacts mean that are (perhaps unknowingly) crowding your mix with unwanted tones / frequencies. Many popular wavetable synthesizers are astonishingly bad at suppressing these artifacts. Even on a high-quality setting some create artifacts as high as –36 dB to -60 dB (level difference between fundamental on artifacts) which is well audible, and furthermore often dampening the highest wanted audible frequencies in the process, to try and suppress this unwanted sound.

A built in effects rack with 10 effects modules lets you get your sound all the way to the finish line inside Serum. These effects can be re-ordered to any configuration you want. Virtually all effect parameters are also available as modulation destinations. Many of these effects and modes were built just for Serum, so there are many unique effects to choose from, such as Hyper, which simulates (additional) unison amounts, or a Dual-waveshaper which allows for a distortion you can morph between two separate wave shapes.

Read More About Other Serum Features here 


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