Glimpse into Nene Hatun’s experience in India!

Mar 22 2017 | In Other News | Words : Sourced Article

Berlin based Turkish producer Beste Aydin aka Nene H. as part of the BorderMovement Residency initiative, travelled around India interacting with the local music community also visiting our school! Check out the video to get a glimpse into her experience:

Article Source: BMR

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Beste Aydin aka Nene H

Beste Aydin has achieved notable acclaim as a classically trained pianist, yet her latest project sees her transform into a different creature altogether. Accessing a somewhat darker, transcendental state, her live performances as Nene Hatun evolve around hypnotic electronic music. Her mysterious yet powerfully physical sound contains elements of drone, orient, industrial, psychedelic, vocal, dark wave, noise, experimental and techno.

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