The Genre: Session III ft. “House” with Anish Sood

Mar 24 2017 | Tips & Tricks | Words : ilovemusic

I Love Music Academy launches the third session for their new series of genre based workshops. The Genre: Session III ft. “House” with one of the most prolific artists to break through the Indian dance music scene, Anish Sood. The academy invites practicing musicians, DJ-s and producers to “The Genre” sessions. These artist break down and explain their genre or style of music. From recording sound, to mixing, to step by step explanation of his/her music production process. Learn about what DAW they use, the different equipment in their studio, how they incorporate hardware in their music, their over all work flow and much more.

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Glimpse into Nene Hatun’s experience in India!

Mar 22 2017 | In Other News | Words : Sourced Article

Berlin based Turkish producer Beste Aydin aka Nene H. as part of the BorderMovement Residency initiative, travelled around India interacting with the local music community also visiting our school! Check out the video to get a glimpse into her experience:

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Featured Amongst 9 Creative Companies To Watch In Delhi by Homegrown.

Mar 17 2017 | In Other News | Words : Sourced Article

The capital is no stranger to the crafting of conquests and plotting of grand plans; today, it has morphed into a cradle of entrepreneurship, home to creative companies that shrug off conventions to pave their own paths, however long and winding they might be. Ranging from design studios, to street art movements, to curated holidays which are pet-friendly, these guys will offer you experiences you never even knew you wanted.
Read on to know the creative companies that have our curiosity piqued:

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White Shadows Charting on Beatport : Student Showcase

Feb 28 2017 | In Other News | Words : ilovemusic

Rahul and Jai’s passion for underground music and their hard work in the field of production, have resulted in big releases on some of the best Minimal Techno labels like DC10 Records (Hungary), and Hungry Koala Records (Melbourne). They share their sound alongside artists like Mark Dekoda, Min&Mal, Daniel Portman and many more. Their release “Hor Zu” (Techno) was included in the Amsterdam Dance Event compilation by Hungry Koala Records which hit the #1 spot on the minimal top 10 releases. Their music revolves around the sound of minimal and deep-tech, drawing inspiration from abstract samples for various textures, and learning from different synthesis techniques. Layering is a current obsession. Their favorite VSTs include the Spectrasonics Trilian, Sylenth and Ableton’s Operator.

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