Feb 10 2017 | Global Updates | Words : Sourced Article
Technics GRReview

Technics revealed the first new 1210 turntable in almost 15 years with the SL-1210GR.
DJ Mag got up close with the new 1210 at Abbey Road Studios where Technics unveiled the turntable before they go on show at Bristol’s Sound & Vision convention later this month. 

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Arturia MiniLab MKII: Portable, Affordable & Handy

Feb 04 2017 | Sound Check | Words : Puneesh Suri

What is it?
Arturia MiniLab MKII is a portable, and affordable, 25-key midi controller that provides a host of essential features and music production tools right out of the box. In comparison to its predecessor (MiniLab), the MKII is a huge step-up with respect to the build quality, and overall design scheme.

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Your MP3s Are Stripping the Joy From Music

Dec 09 2016 | Global Updates | Words : Sourced Article

Do you like being able to carry an entire library of music on your phone? There’s a price to pay for that convenience in sound quality, say engineers, and a new study has identified just what characteristics of music you miss out on by listening to compressed music files.
In a nutshell, moody, mysterious and negative tones persist, while positive, “happier” tones are the ones that get trimmed.

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The Hidden secrets behind Paul Thomas Anderson’s new Radiohead music video: “Daydreaming.”

Nov 30 2016 | Global Updates | Words : Sourced Article

Directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, the “Daydreaming” music video further explores the human experience through the distortion of realities, all separated by doors.
The video features Thom Yorke passing through the myriad physical settings one may expect to traverse in life: an underground warehouse, a hotel hallway, a living room, a school, a foyer, a hospital, a kitchen, a laundromat, a convenience store; across a dimly-lit basement corridor, and more. The video speeds up as Yorke passes through more and more of these doors, making a conscious decision as to which one he chooses every time, but never seeming certain of the outcome of his elected choice.

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