Audio Engineering


1 Year Diploma (Full Time)

Timings: 2-hour classes, 4 days a week

Class Size: 7 students (max)


Course Overview


Music surrounds us everywhere – on the TV and radio, at restaurants and bars, even in the elevator you use to get to work everyday. You may not realize it, but this is all part of the world of audio engineering, in which a musician’s creations are ‘produced’ and thereby transformed into the polished tracks on your iPods and radio.
Audio engineers are the future of digital music. With the help of virtual and hardware instruments, engineers use computers to produce their own compositions. As an engineer, you can either specialize in one part of the recording technique or master the entire process, right to the stage when a final project is submitted to a client.
Our comprehensive Audio Engineering course will show you how to put down your ideas and those of other musicians, and record and produce them in a studio to achieve a professional sound.


At I Love Music Academy, we’ll start by covering the theory and different styles of music. Next, we’ll explore the studio recording space, with an emphasis on micing techniques, sound transmission, audio dynamics, and mixing and mastering techniques, both in the analogue and digital realms. Students are taught the ins and outs of 2 DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). All these concepts will be followed up with hands-on projects in which students will need to log in studio time. Our Audio Engineering Studio is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software.

By the conclusion of the Audio engineering course, students at the I Love Music Academy will be able to write their own music as well as engineer a band or a live performance artist in the studio or in a live setting. They will also be equipped to take on the media industry, whether by creating audio for video or radio, or even by writing jingles.


Audio Engineering Curriculum Overview


Module 1: Introduction

Studio Processes
Recording Principals


Module 2: Fundamentals of Sound

Waveform Characteristics
Frequency and amplitude


Module 3: Microphones

Types of Microphones
Mic’ing techniques (mono, stereo)


Module 4: Analog Mixer

Signal Flow
Introduction to Effects


Module 5: DAW: Logic

Introduction to DAW’s
Working with Logic
Analog to Digital Conversion
Advanced recording and Editing Techniques


Module 6: Music

Music Appreciation
Music Theory
Parts of a Song


Module 7: Mixing Fundamentals

Introduction to Mixing
Session Setup & Analysis
Workflow management
Template construction


Module 8: Mixing

Parallel processing
Signal Processors (Compressors, Gates & EQs)
Effects (Reverbs & Delays)
Time Based Effects (Chorus, Phasers & Flangers)


Module 9: Ableton

Recording & Editing in Ableton
Arrangement View
Session View


Module 10: MIDI & Synthesis

Understanding MIDI
Hardware Synthesis
Drum Machines & Samplers
Subtractive Synthesis
FM Synthesis


Module 11: Mastering

Mastering Basics & 3D Analysis
Multiband Compression


Module 12: Audio Post Production

Audio Post Equipment
Audio for Video Fundamentals
Sound Design


Module 13: Radio

Ad Production
Promo Production
Segment Production


Module 14: Studio Construction & Acoustics

Understanding Acoustical Problems
Floating Floors, Walls & Ceilings
Live Room & Control Room Design
Acoustic Panels (Types & Characteristics)


Module 15: Music Business

Being an Artist & Producer
Music Label
Event Industry
Radio Industry
Audio for Games
Music Law

*Projects assigned as per module.


We offer the following electives at discounted rates for our Audio Engineering Students. For special pricing please refer to the 2017 Course Catalog or contact the Academy Administration.


Pro DJ 
Digital DJ

Prospectus   |   Audio Engineering Fee structure

Students who complete the Audio Engineering Program now have the opportunity to enter our Post ILM program with Pyramind, San Francisco.

Interested in furthering your skills with a MASTER’S, apply for a post-ilm program with our international training partners:
Complete Producer Master Program @ Pyramind
Music & Sound for Picture Master Program @ Pyramind
Electronic Music Producer Master Program @ Pyramind

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